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Unhealthy Hospitals
Some hospitals around the country have fast food court. For that matter hospitals have patients and visitors eating junk food. The food served in these places that relate asjunk is not exactly a healthy choice. Junk food as called contributes to generate unhealthy human beings. These health problems at certain point could be the cause of death. I do not agree that hospitalshave fast food restaurants. The doctors should be healthy life style pioneers, large amount of cholesterol contained in that food cause heart diseases, and patients with fat related health problemsshould have other options in hospitals besides fast food.
The doctors should be healthy life style pioneers. Doctors study for a big part of their lives. During school process doctors learn thathealthy life style is equals to a long last, better life. Doctors in hospitals the same way they learn this basics during school should pass them to their patients. I think, not 100% sure, that doctorswhen they graduate from school make a pact; they swear and agree that patient’s life is first even before their own life.
Large amounts of cholesterol contained in fast food cause heart diseases. Fastfood restaurants when cooking their meals do not pay attention to the amounts of oil used. In fact they do not care about the amounts of saturated fat they use. The soonest they cook their meals, themore money they can make by attending more customers and selling more in little time. The cheapest products they use to produce their food, which is usually the worse, the more they can save to theirbudget. This is the way that fat food restaurants work such are Kentucky Fat Chicken, Fat Burger, FatDonald’s, Jack in the Fat, Fatomino’s Pizza, and Pizza Fat. The human heart suffers when the vanesconnected to it are plugged with cholesterol. Thanks to these fat food companies, excuse me, fast food companies.
Patients with fat related health problems should have other options besides fast...
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