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Sales Plan Template
Most Company’s have a Business Plan and a Marketing plan, however, a
Sales Plan is the greatest tool that an organisation can produce and
implement. For without a sales plan,we may not be in a position to create the
necessary revenue to keep the business meeting its cash flow objectives.
Below is a template for a Sales Plan, and this easy four step guide will walk
youthrough the process of creating a powerful sale plan. It is suggested that
this template be used to summarise the plan, and then a “fully blown final
version” is created in hard copy format andcirculated throughout the
Take your time in completing this sales plan, and when completed,
implementation of the plan will ensure that you are at least in a position to
move forward withyour selling strategies.
Regular review of the sales plan is necessary on a regular basis to ensure
that the elements of the plan are working.
Should you require any support in writing your plan,then please feel free to
contact our office for further information.

George Manolis
Synergy For Success International

SECTION ONE, is about the expectations of the sales team.

Company Mission Statement

Company Vision Statement

Report on Current and Expected Business Climate
A narrative on the current business climate as well as the forecast climate
over thenext two years. Also comment on how the new sales plan will assist
the achievement of the plan in the current economic climate.

Revenue Targets, What are the revenue targets, when we will achievethem,
who will achieve them, what industries will this revenue come from, and how
will we know when we have arrived.

Resources, W hat resources have been allocated to achieve the sales planoutcomes, what skill level must the sales team have, how many sales team
members are dedicated to the sales team, what support will the sales team
have, what selling expenses have been allocated to...
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