English For Lawyers

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Book´s title: English for Lawyers
Nombre de la obra: Inglés para Abogados

Author´s name (Nombre del Autor): Rolando Ernesto Tellez

Publisher´s name (Digital Printing) SerfosaBook´s Jacket (Cubierta)

Published in July 2011 in Nicaragua. Available at Hispamer and Nemusa.
120 pages. $13, ISBN 978-99964-0-052-0 Collection
ISBN 978-99964-0-051-3$17 if send to Europe or Latin America.

This book needed to be written because of globalization and democratization.
It contains legal documents from the US and other parts of theworld. Besides concepts of legal systems, there are contracts, certificates, affidavits, articles of incorporations, tests, answer key, definitions in English, and bilingual glossary.This book is a great tool for attorneys, notaries, clerks, paralegal personnel, translators, investors, and students. It contains 24 units: each reading is followed by a variety ofcomprehension exercises that will help students or readers to get familiar and even use legal terminology and concepts in English.

Those who use this collection will have betterchances to serve international clients, that is, better communication and job opportunities and income.

Rolando Ernesto Tellez Baca has degrees in English (UNAN) and Master inCommunication from Southern Illinois University (SIU) in the USA, ex-Fulbrighter, at Indiana State University, post-graduate courses in translation/interpretation and other fields. He has been atranslator for almost three decades, and he sells his Bilingual Legal Dictionary anywhere in the world http://www.rosedogbookstore.com/biletedidide.html. He also published TheGueguense: First Character in Nicaraguan Literature, an anonymous play and comedy, which was proclaimed cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

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