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Susan: Students using cellular phones for text messages in class drives me crazy. I started a new policy in which any student caught using a cellphone in class had tohand it over to me. The student would then be told that he or she could get it back again by visiting me during my office hour the following day. After a few students lost their cellphones for nearlya whole day, I almost never saw a student using one in class again.
Arthur: I’m really bothered by students coming in late. At first I just noted which students were late when I took roll and gavethem minus points to their grade. However, this took up a lot of my time and I still had students coming in late and interrupting the class. I now have a system in which my students are never late.When the class time is scheduled to start, I simply lock the classroom doors. Students who come late cannot get into the class and are thus marked absent (and they know they should never knock on thedoor unless they really want to see me get angry). Students who are absent more than 4 times in my class automatically fail the course, no exceptions. It sounds very strict, but it teaches students theimportance of being on time.
Anders: I want students to only speak in English during class. I bought one of those toy hammers with a soft rubber end that makes a loud squeaking noise when you hitsomeone with it. As soon as I hear someone speak in Korean (I teach in Korea), I give him a rap on the head. It doesn’t hurt, of course, and the sound is clearly heard throughout the classroom. Thatstudent now has the hammer, and if he hears another student speaking in Korean, he can hit her and then give the hammer to her. At the end of the class, the student who is left holding the hammer mustsing the alphabet song in English in front of the whole class. It helps me keep the students speaking in English, but also maintains a positive, fun environment in the classroom.

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