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1. Oct. 9th - Journal # 1: Write a journal about the three festivals:
a. The Sherry Festival
b. Día del Gaucho
c. Festa del Redentore

The Sherry Festival: Jerez de la frontera Spain, horse shows, flamenco dancing, its a century old celebration producing towns give thanks to the grapeharvest, parade starts(queen of the vintage) and ends in Plaza de Arenal, flamenco dances are marvelous.

Día del Gaucho: This is a popular cultural event in ranch areas of Argentina, it takes place in grasslands 600km south of Buenos Aires in the main Centre called Santiago del Areco there are more horses than cars. The entertaining part involves horse parades, dance, song, barbecue. About thehistory the Gaucho is an Argentine cowboy who is a national cultural symbol.

Festa Del Redentore: It take place in Venice, Italy- Duration: two days, timing: third weekend of July, is a high point of the Venice summer, spectacular firework display, a plague killed more than a third of the cities inhabitants, the mood promised to erect a church dedicated to the redeemer, they decide that Venicewould forever give thanks on the third Sunday of July.

2. October 10th - Journal # 2: International festivals and events association.

In IFEA website yesterday I found a lot of information about festivals, events, parties around the world I was very interested in read about Chinese New Year because in the information that I saw in the website I could appreciated the huge differencesbetween Asian customs than American customs. Websites like this one can help us when we need to learn about important dates and obviously important festivals in our world; with an advanced research we can learn more details of each date, festival or event, its important to do a research to find other websites such as IFEA; on the other hand I did see a list were I van found a lot of internationalfestivals; for example: “Día del Gaucho” in Argentina, “Chinese New Year” etc. Sometimes is difficult to use this page but we have to try.

3. October 11th - Journal # 3: Customer care

In whole world we can find different people, customs and different cultures; each person have a different reaction in determinate situation; in hotel industry we have a direct connection or interaction with thecustomers so we need to increase our knowledge about customer care and learn about different cultures around the world. Many tools can help us to treat a customer in the best way; for example we mustn’t forget magic words such as good morning, please, thank you, etc. As well another tool is to keep the respect to the other every time and always we have to take care of our personal image.

4.October 12th – Journal # 4: National Parks

National parks were a treasures that we have in a country, those are natural reserves were we can find nature, animals, the essence of the natural environment which sometimes represent a country, for example in Ecuador we have a lot of natural reserves specifically in Cuenca we can find “El Cajas” local reserve in Cuenca; National parks are calledparadises so we have to take care of those places, there are many organization which are preserve the conserving the parks for the future.

5. October 15th – Journal # 5: The University´s Anniversary

I think this is an important commemoration to remember the foundation of our University, this date is important but despite the date we should celebrate the importance of our University in allaspects. Today the University shows the public different kind of activities such as gastronomy festival with typical dishes like “hornado” or delicious beverages like “chicha”, another event that university presents is a musical festival withy many attendees of University, in other faculties we can see displays about each career, I think I can saw it the last year, such as students we have to involve...
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