English Reflective Essay

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Jose Estevez
English 1301
Essay # 2
February 14, 2008
An Inconvenient Friendship
According to the dictionary, the word friend means; a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. Now the first two things required for friendship are easy. But the trusting part is the hard one to give and get. Most of my teenage years, I spent them with my friends in Florida. I had about 5 really close friendsin my high school years. One of my best friends was Joshua, a really tall and skinny guy, Hispanic; he had curly hair and used to always wear a sleeveless t-shirt.
Joshua and I had the same English class, and used to always hang out every weekend. We would go to parties, to the beach, on double dates, etc. One day in our English class, Joshua showed me his really new and cool mp3 player called aniPod (I had no idea of what it was I just knew that it looked awesome). Amazed at his cool mp3 player I asked him how much did it cost (it was obvious to me that it was expensive), he replied; “I got it for free and I can get you one any time you want”. After hearing these words my heart stopped, I was in total shock and excitement at the same time. However, I have always known that “Mr. Free”died a long time ago (nothing is free in life) and that there was going to be a catch for it. So I asked him how could I get one, and supposedly he had a very close friend in Best Buy that could get him free iPods.
I obviously did not believe Joshua, I thought he was just messing with me, or maybe his dad bought him the mp3 and he felt ashamed to tell me how much it had cost. However, Joshuastarted showing up to every English class with a new gadget; new camera, new Gameboy, new calculator, new watch. I couldn’t believe it. He was getting all the things I desired and supposedly for free. I could not take it anymore, so I said to him “I want in, on whatever you are doing to get those cool gadgets”. Joshua told me it was easy, the first thing we had to do was skip class one day because wehad to go see his Best Buy friend on a business day in the morning, and so we did.
I remember it was a Tuesday; I skipped school and stayed home. Joshua arrived at my house in his father’s car (he took it without authorization) and we left to Best Buy. When we got into Best Buy, Joshua told me that he didn’t have any close friend in the store, that what he would do to get the things, was tograb it from the store, take it to the restroom, open up the box, take out the product, hide it in his sweater and leave. I totally flipped out when I heard this, even though I was kind of expecting it. “Are you crazy!? I would never steal anything in my life!” I said to Joshua. He replied “it’s a walk in the park man, there is nothing really to it, I have done it more than ten times and it getseasier as you do it”. I had never stolen anything in my life, and I was not planning on doing it now. So I told him he could steal it if he wanted to I’m just going to wait in the car. However, I knew waiting in the car was still taking a risk and he was not going to get me anything unless I was his lookout for Best Buy’s security people.
I have no idea what was on my mind, but I accepted what heasked of me. So I stood up there watching out for the security. I noticed there was something suspicious about the way some of the security looked at me (I was not sure if it was just me being really paranoid or what). So I warned Joshua who was on the restroom opening up two new iPods, and left the store immediately. I waited for him in the car about ten minutes when suddenly he arrived. Heshowed me the iPods and all my nervousness converted into happiness. I could not believe I had an iPod, I was so excited. After the laughing and cheering and all that, Joshua moved the car out of the parking spot and suddenly we were intercepted by three cars; blocking our way out of the parking lot. It was Best Buy’s security; they dragged us all the way back to the store into a tiny room with a...
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