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-all at once
-bring about

Elements of a good writing SPA:
It’s easy to write if you have: a SUBJECT you know about, a clear PURPOSE, and an AUDIENCEthat you have identified.

In order to write well, it is helpful to choose a topic that interests you and that you know and understand. If you are assigned a subject, try to find an angle of that subject that you find interesting and want to explore. You will usually have to go through a process of narrowing down the general subject until you find an appropriate topic.

PURPOSE:Whenever you write something, it is important to think about your purpose. To determine your purpose, you should ask yourself the question ‘Why am I writing?’ The three most common purposes for writing are to entertain, to inform and to persuade.

What you write about (subject) and your reason for writing (purpose) are greatly affected by whom you expect will read the final product(audience). Because you will almost always be writing for an audience, you will communicate your ideas more effectively if you keep the audience in mind.

The writing process:
When you have to write a piece, you should think of writing as a process involving the following steps:
* STEP ONE: PREWRITING, thinking about your topic.
* STEP TWO: PLANNING, organizing yout material.
* STEPTHREE: DRAFTING, using your ideas and plans to write a first draft.
* STEP FOUR: REVISING, improving the focus, content, and organization.
* STEP FIVE: EDITING, checking grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and word choices.

-Method 1: BRAINSTORMING is a method used to generate a variety of ideas for as subject rapidly and spontaneously.
Steps: 1. Begin with a broadof topics.
2. Write down as many associations as you can in 10mins.
3. Add more items to your list by answering the questions what, when, how, where, why and who.
4. Group the items on the list that go together.
5. Cross out items that do not belong.

-Method 2: CLUSTERING is a visual way of generating ideas. When using the clustering technique, you show the connections among your ideasusing circles and lines.

-Method 3: FREEWRITING, sometimes it is hard to find a focus for a broad subject. Freewriting for this problem can be very helpful. Steps:
1. Write a topic.
2. Start writing.
3. Write as much as you can in 10mins.
4. Don’t stop for any reason.
5. If you can’t think of anything write: ‘my mind is blank’.
6. Don’t worry about mistakes.
7. Read your freewritingand choose your best ideas.


The purpose of free writing is to generate ideas.
At this stage of writing , your main goal is to organize your ideas. Preparin an informal outline of ideas you generated from prewriting will help you organize you thoughts as you plan your paragraph. You can use your outline as a guide that you refer to while you arecomposing.

As you write your first draft, usa as a guide the ideas you generated from prewriting and the organizational plan you developed in your informal outline. In this step of the writing process, you should be concerned with two things: STARTING YOUR POINT and SUPORTING YOUR POINT.

All paragraphs contain the following features:
-The first sentence is indented.
-The first wordof every sentence is capitalized.
-Each sentence ends with a period.

When you write a paragraph in English, the most important thing you need to do is to decide on your main point. This should be written in one clear sentence, called the TOPIC SENTENCE. The rest of the paragraph must support an develop the point you made in the topic sentence.

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