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Red Light District is a common name for a neighborhood where prostitution and other businesses in the sex industry are the main activities among people, mostly women. Therefore, thechildren who live around this area (India) are often exposed to what their parents accustom to do to get their living.
When Briski gives away cameras to the children of Calcutta, theyimmediately start taking pictures of every single thing they see. But Briski tells them that they should find what they really think is important or significant to them.
By taking pictures ofeverything, for instance, the sidewalk, we notice that these kids were extremely enthusiastic because they have probably never been close to a camera nor having one in their hands for themto be free with it. But while time passed by, the pictures the kids took became more and more a reflection of their personalities involving, of course, their interests and feelings.
Inthe matter that the kids took pictures, their ability to distinguish between what was really important to and what wasn’t was in some way clear. Even though they lived in the sameneighborhood, and probably were going thru the same problems, the pictures each one of them took emulated their way of seeing what truly was happening. The pictures are a way of knowing what wasgoing thru the kids’ minds in a certain moment at a certain hour. It taught not only themselves, but everyone around them, that photography was a healthy and creative way to expresseverything in a single image and is also harmless.
Even though not every single person in that neighborhood got a chance to see thru these children’s eyes and although some authorities claimedthat this activity was a racist way of displaying unequal distribution and a violation of human rights, these kids got the enormous chance to express themselves in a chance of a lifetime.
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