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The Gang and Ed
Long long time ago, there was a beautiful and quiet neighborhood on the side country in a forgotten country. In this neighborhood, there used to live different kinds of animals;however, they got along each other. The only bad thing this town had was a gang of furious and violent dogs that used to ask for money to every single family that lived in the neighborhood, so the gangcould have money for free.
The gang was compounded by seven dogs, but the biggest and grumpy one was Black, the leader of them. They used to ask for money every Friday when the families received theirsalaries.
One day, Black and his sidekicks were “working on their affairs,” they had already charged the rest of the animals, and then, in a humble house, a little but a brave dog named Ed, said,“we do not have money to give you, also my father is sick and my brothers are hungry.”
Black replied, “that is not my problem; you and your family know that you have to deliver to me the money weeklyby all means,”
So, Ed said, “I am a little tired of you, Black, why do you think that you have the right to take out our money and humiliate us and the rest of the animals all the time?”
Blackresponded: “get out of my way.” Then, he entered into Ed’s house and stole some items of value.
Next day, the pig, the cat and the other animals talked with Ed,
“What were you thinking about? How didyou dare to face Black? Do you realize that he can kill you?” Ed replied, “that is the problem here, everyone is afraid, so Black and his gang can manipulate us.”
One night, the wind was blowing in aweird way, everything was quitter than normal. Suddenly, a herd of wolves appeared. The only animals that were outside were Black and his gang, so they faced the wolves, but the wolves killed threemembers of the gang, the others escaped, and Black was deeply hurt. This event happened in front of Ed’s house, so he helped him. Black asked,
“Why are you helping me? It would be better if you...
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