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Making Your Own Luck

I should have never gotten rid of the chain letter away. That night I received a letter that told me that if I did so I would have a day of bad luck. I didn’t believethat, so I threw that superstitious thing in the garbage. I thought that it was a silly thing that a simple letter can bring you good luck. You make your own! That night I felt that something was notquite right.
When I woke up the next morning, I was amazed that I had overslept and I was late for school. It was ten o’clock. As I walked down the stairs very fast, I slipped over the stairs andfell down. After I got up off the floor, I went to the kitchen to have a quick breakfast. Then I moved to the bedroom to get dressed. Finally, I rushed outside to the train station.
When I wasin the train station waiting for the train the announcer told that the train was going to delay a lot. It was the first time it happened to me. The train has always came on time for me. Finally,when the train came I got in the train and took the one that takes me to the school.
On my way to school, I decided to take a shortcut. I got off the train in a station to take the bus. It was agood shortcut because the bus is faster than the train. I thought that it would help me get fast to the school, but the bus also delayed too much. My shortcut didn’t work. I was very disappointedand sad. I have never had such a bad luck in one day.
When I finally got in the school, I had already missed two classes. In the next class that I had, the teacher had put on my desk a note. Thenote said that she wanted to see me right after class. Then, I waited for her until the class was over. I took a big breath before talking to her. I thought she was going to nag me because I cut herclass the day before. But it wasn’t that, it was a worse thing. She was going to call my parents to inform them about my terrible situation. I felt very miserable. I wondered why all these...
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