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Date: october 26th

The Sports


We will speak abaut thesport football we will speakabaut 2 leagues of football
In the worl this league are, the league english and, league spanish. I chose this leagues because are the better of worl this have the bestteams the more detach and the best players.

Compartir School
Date: october 26th

The football

we will name the first the league english we will speak abaut three teams the chelsea the manchesterunited and that arsenal. This are the teams more setach for their plays, for the goals and for their players.
The chelsea we chose this team because has more points that the other teams. The chelseais characterizefor play very rapidity for by. Efectue in his goals for we this team have one the botter fore the chelsea hasmore points in this time is the first in the league the team is confotmaedby:

Treasvrer: petr cech, this player last is consides the better treasure in the 2008

Fullback: Ivanovik

Fulback:Ricardo Carbalo

Fullback:Jhon Terry england

Fullback: Ashley ColeMidfielder: Michel Ballack

Midfielder: Frank Lampard

Midfielder: Essien

Midfielder; Deco

Midfielder: Anelka

Midfielder: Didier Drogba

This team if go to play always, this team will bewin of the league.

The second team is the Manchester united, this team also play with much rapidity but the fore arent very forceful in the goals.
This team play very good, but they dont makemuch goals as the others teams.
This team is the second in the league, the Manchester win but for one goal always, the

Manchester is conformed by:


Fullback: NevillFullback: Ferdinand


Midfielder: Shoels

Midfielder: Gigss

Midfielder: Anderson

Midfielder; Owen

fore: Rooney

fore: Berbatov

The Arsenal but we are the the better...
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