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Open Ended Questions:

1. Discuss the traditional and high-capacity floppy disks.

The traditional floppy disk is the 1.44 MB 31/2-inch disk. Floppy disks have a thin exterior jacket made ofhard plastic to protect the flexible disk inside.

High-capacity disks, also known as floppy-disk cartridges, are rapidly replacing the traditional floppy disk. They are 31/2 inches in diameter, andare able to store more information, are thicker, and require special disk drives.

2. What are the three types of hard disks? Describe three ways to improve hard-disk performance.

The threetypes of hard disks are: Internal hard disk, hard-disk cartridge, and hard-disk pack.

Three ways to improve the performance of hard disks are:
• Disk caching, redundant arrays of inexpensivedisks, and file compression/decompression.
• Redundant arrays of inexpensive disks (RAID) improve performance by expanding external storage, improving access speed, and providing reliablestorage.
• File compression and file decompression increase storage capacity by reducing the amount of space required to store data and programs.

3. What are the two most common optical discformats? What is hi def? Describe the basic types for each format.

The two most common optical disc formats are CD and DVD.
The hi def (high definition), is the next generation of optical disc, theyhave a far greater capacity than DVDs.
CDs, DVDs, and hi def have three basic types: read only, write once, and rewriteable.

4. Discuss solid-state storage, Internet hard drives, andmagnetic tape. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Solid-state storage devices have no moving parts. Disadvantages: this type of storage is more expensive than the others. Advantages, itis more reliable and requires less power.

Internet hard drives are special service sites on the Web that provide users with storage.
Advantages of Internet hard drives include low cost and the...
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