Environmental analysis

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Analysis of the Environmental Impact in the Construction Industry in Puerto Rico
Throughout the years, Puerto Rico has developed its economy from different sectors. Some of these sectors include:tourism, commerce, manufacturing and construction. The construction sector has contributed significally to the economic growth of the island and has promoted the establishment of pro environmentsolutions. Taking into consideration this known facts, the government, engineers and people involved in these sectors are proposing the implementation of a new pro-active analysis of the environmentalimpact on the development of infract-structure. Traditionally, the evaluations of environmental impacts respond to the demands of people and organizations involve in the process of revising theprojects. Frequently these processes involve pro environment groups that oppose to the development of structures. These methods often result in conflicts between these groups and external entities,affecting the process of the projects and even affecting the completion of such projects. In the pro-active method environmental elements are being evaluated anticipated and are coordinated in order tominimize the conflicts, accelerating de development of the projects.
General Environment – Pro-Environment Groups
During the lasts years, particularly since 1996, the development of many public andprivate projects of high relevance in Puerto Rico have been detained or belated. Projects like: electricity generating plants (AES Cambalache), tourism developments (Columbus Landing, Bahia Ballena),residential development, aqueducts (Mameyes, Superacuaductos) and many other projects that represent capital inversions that exceed millions of dollars have been interrupted by environmentalist groups.In Puerto Rico there are approximately 100 of these groups, although there are only 4 well known groups.
There is a common denominator between the environmentalists groups; they all fight for the...
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