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Take your ideas to action

I chose my topic, thinking about what I can do in response to what I see. That is why I would now like to make the following statement: humans cause global warmingand do nothing about it.

Long time ago people knew that this could happen, but they were not worried because nothing was going to happen to them. When I asked my mom or my grandfather, theyexplained to me that global warming was something new for them like 10 years ago. For example, they knew that leaving trash on the floor was wrong, but they thought it was only wrong because it wasdisrespectful, they had no idea that it was matter of helping our planet. However we are certain that global warming started during the industrial revolution or probably before it. Consequences were notseen as today. For example seasons were clearly differentiated. During the summer the weather was hot and sunny, there wasn’t any rain. Now we are in spring, but sometimes it looks like winter orautumn.
Another argument to support my thesis is the use of pesticides.People use pesticides in their gardens being aware that this can damage our planet. The use of pesticides is a very controversialtopic, because everyone knows that pesticides are bad for our health, and nonetheless they use it on a regular basis. In fact almost all of the food we buy in the super market, like fruits orvegetables, have a lot of pesticides. In spite of this almost nobody tries to cause awareness about the way this pesticides negatively affect and damage both our water and bodies, which can even cause cancer.The toxics force us to explain what produced the effects of chemicals in people’s minds.

Chemical effects on people should be a wake-up call for governments to do something about it, but thereis no information. The big problem is the ignorance in terms of all the damage that can be done. The politicians always talk in their campaigns about the situation of the world and they expose...
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