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October 2, 2008

Driving Sales Through Banking Shops
by Vanessa Niemeyer, Ph.D. for eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

Making Leaders Successful Every Day

For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

Driving Sales Through Banking Shops

October 2, 2008

How lessons From retail Can make Bank Branches more Successful

This is the first document in the “What FinancialServices Firms Can learn From retailers” series. By Vanessa Niemeyer, Ph.D. with Benjamin Ensor and lauriane Camus

ExECuT i V E S u m ma ry
Banks have rediscovered their branch networks as a strategic sales channel and have renewed their focus on branch development. Innovative banks like Washington Mutual and Jyske Bank have taken retail stores as an inspiration and turned their branches intobanking shops that offer a radically different customer experience. Channel strategists at other banks can learn from these pioneers’ findings. They should focus on the elements from retail that help to drive sales and recognize that banking customers will need guidance to adopt a retail-like shopping behavior.

2 Bank Branches Are Undergoing A Renaissance 2 Retailers LeadThe Way In Sales 4 Leading Banks Are Learning From Retailers Washington mutual’s Occasio Branches Provide a Welcoming retail Environment umpqua Bank’s Neighborhood Stores Foster Community Banking TeamBank’s easyCredit Shops are Built To Draw Customers in Deutsche Bank’s Q110 Offers a rich World Of Experience Jyske Bank’s Branches Offer a radically Different Banking Experience 16 Banking ShopsHave Turned A Retail-Like Customer Experience Into Sales Success

N OT E S & rE S O u rCE S
Forrester interviewed channel strategy executives at three banks: Deutsche Bank, Jyske Bank, and TeamBank.

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18 Banks That Want To Build Banking Shops Should Learn From Pioneers 19 Supplemental Material

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Driving Sales Through Banking Shops
For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

BANK BRANCHES ARE UNDERGOING A RENAISSANCE How important is the branch network to a multichannel retail bank? Actually, it is veryimportant. But this has not always been the case. The crucial role that branches take in banks’ multichannel strategies is the result of a shift in perspective that has taken place recently:

· From neglecting branches for decades . . . In the ’80s and ’90s, many banks neglected their

branches. They invested in building up direct channels like the telephone and the Internet and successfullyencouraged many customers to use these new channels.1 By redirecting transactions to ATMs and the Internet and routing service requests to call centers, banks achieved their costsaving goals. In the same period, the number of bank branches per million inhabitants declined in most developed countries.2 But many banking strategy executives began to worry that this neglect of the branch network was not...
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