Estrategias de aprendizaje

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Level: lower intermediate

Language: Possessive nouns and possessive adjectives; questions with Whose

Assumed knowledge: adjectives and nouns and Wh – questions

Resources: find and identify and how to use the contraction form


1.- Prepare for class a list of questions with whose about personality, aspect, etc, the classmates and find together and students tocompare with themselves with each other.

Questions answers

Whose hair is long? Andrea’s
Andrea’s is
Andrea’s hair is long

Whose eyes are green?Sofía’s
Sofía’s are
Sofía’s eyes are green

Whose homework is this? Emiliano’s
It’s Emiliano’sIt’s Emiliano’s homework

Whose books are these? Jorge’s
They’re Jorge’s
They’re Jorge’s books

Ask these students to get up and go around the class asking questions until they find the person and then sit next to them.INTRODUCE TARGET LANGUAGE

2.- Put learners in groups of 4-6. Give each group a questionnaire, and complete the WH- Questions.

. What’s his last name?
. Where’s the dictionary?
. Whose homework is missing?
. Where’s your seat?
. When’s your birthday?
. What’s last name begins with L?
. Who’s his father?
. What’s this book about?
. Whose test is this?

Ask them to read the questionnaireand to work out the answers for then group. Go round while they doing this, listening to them and helping with any problems.

This questionnaire introduces to new language in written form, relating language to student’s personal lives makes a motivating and interesting context.


3.- When they have finished, check they have understood by asking each group to give you onefact about their records

. So, tell me whose birthday in this month
. What is Angelica last name?

This activity has two functions: it will show you whether students have understood well enough to use the new language themselves. It also the group work together and bring the class back ready for the next activity.


4.- Put up the nouns in the left- hand column andadjectives in the right column and make the most different sentences with both columns. If they need help, tell them to think of their partner aspects in class, just like last exercise.

Long Teacher
Brown Girl
Latin Student
Tall Guys
Short Boys
Hazel Andrea
Big Emiliano
Old Ladies

5.- Put the class into pairs, tell the pairs to work together to make a different sentences with the last group of adjectives and nouns.

6.- Compare in the class all the possible sentences


7.- Now get to students a funny exercise making a feed cards, with adjectives , nouns and Wh- questions for combine and match a lot of sentences.

8- Extratip, tell to students decorate the card with drawing or painting some picture or form according to the word.


9.- Go through the situations with the class, discussing what would be the appropriate language for each situation.


10.- Ask learners to write a description with possessive sentences of their picture in the card.


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