Evidencia 3

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1. I wish... I wish…
What does these people wish for and why? Complete thesentences.
1. I wish I had (have) a car. If I had (have) a car, I could go (can go) places on the weekends.
2. Iwish__I knew_(know) how to swim. If I _could swim_ (can swim), _I would (be able to) go snorkeling with my friends.
3. I wish I__could speak__(can speak) Portuguese fluently. If I _were_(be) fluent,it_would_(be) easier to travel around Brazil.
4. I wish _I had_(have) more money. If I_found_(find) a part-time job, I could earn (earn) more money. On the other hand, I _don’t_ (not have to)work tonight. If I _were_ (be) free, I _would go out_ (go out) with my friends.
5. I wish I _hadn’t_ (not have to) work tonight. If I _were_ (be) free, I __would go__ (go out) out with my friends.6. I wish I _knew_ (know) how to use more software programs so I _could get_ (can get) a better job.

2. Rewrite these questions about the picture.

1. What is it? Do you know what isit?
2. How do you turn it on? Can you tell me as you turn?
3. Does it still work? I wonder _if it still works___?
4. How much did it cost? Do you know _ how much it cost __?
5.How do you use it? Can you tell me _how to use it /
how do you use it?

3. Read and comprehend the following exercises of the book and remember to search the vocabulary you do notknow. Also answer thefollowing questions.

1) What is the story about?
a) It’s about the story of the first love of Steve and Anna and how they ended married.
2) Where did Steve and Anagrow up?
b) They grew up in Greenville.
3) Were they partners in the high school?
c) No, they hung out with the same crowd
4) Who was Anna’s first love?
d) Steve.
5)Why their relationship, didn’t work after high school?
e) Because Anna moved away to college.
6) How old was Steve when he was ready to settle down?
f) Steve was 35 years old....
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