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Dear openMind 1 student,

Thanks for using the Interactive Word Lists on mindOnline (www.mindseries.net).

Below please find exercises to support your vocabulary building and self-study.

You can find the answer(s) at the bottom of this e-mail.

The mindOnline Team

1) The ordinal number between ninth and eleventh is _B___.       A) eighth B) tenth C) ten D) twentieth

2)My favorite __C__ is an elephant.       A) place B) vacation C) animal D) city

3) The number between four and six is ___B_.       A) fifteen B) five C) fifth D) twenty-five

4) __B__ is south of Brazil.       A) Argentina B) Venezuela B) The U.S. D) Spain

5) Paintings and sculptures are types of __C__.       A) engineering B) economics C) art D) business

6) ___C_ is the first month ofthe year.       A) April B) December C) January D) August

7) The ordinal number between seventeenth and nineteenth is __D__.       A) fourteenth B) fifteenth C) nineteenth D) eighteenth

8) I __B_ Julia.       A) is B) am C) are D) was

9) The ordinal number between twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth is __D__.       A) thirty-second B) twenty-fourth C) thirtieth D) twenty-seventh

10) Theordinal number between eighteenth and twentieth is __D__.       A) twenty-first B) twenty-one C) twenty-two D) nineteenth

11) The number between seventeen and nineteen is __B__.       A) fourteen B) eighteen C) twenty D) sixteen

12) The number between nineteen and twenty-one is __D__.       A) twenty-two B) four C) twelve D) twenty

13) The ordinal number between second and fourth is __C__.      A) eighth B) two C) third D) three

14) What __C__ of the week is it?       A) week B) date C) day D) year

15) I took the train into the _D__ to see a play.       A) neighbor B) month C) school D) city

16) __C__ is about designing bridges and roads.       A) Education B) Designer C) Engineering D) Teacher

17) The ordinal number between third and fifth is __C__.       A) four B)twenty-fourth C) fourth D) sixth

18) The ordinal number between fourteenth and sixteenth is __D__.       A) thirteenth B) seventeenth C) tenth D) fifteenth

19) __D__ are brother and sister.       A) She B) He C) I D) They

20) _A___ you ride a bike?       A) Can B) Be C) Are D) Is

21) This is Sarah and this is ___B_ sister.       A) his B) her C) I D) she

22) __A__ is the study of livingthings.       A) Ecology B) Business C) Economics D) Art

23) __D__ work in hospitals.       A) Teachers B) Lawyers C) Mechanics D) Doctors

24) _C___ is the study of goods, services, and money.       A) Science B) Art C) Economics D) Education

25) You go to school to get an __B__.       A) relationship B) education C) friend D) economics

26) The ordinal number between twenty-ninth andthirty-first is __D__.       A) thirteenth B) thirty C) thirteen D) thirtieth

27) ___C_ is famous for samba dancing.       A) Mexico B) Spain C) Brazil D) Italy

28) The number between ten and twelve is _C___.       A) fifteen B) three C) eleven D) six

29) The eighth month of the year is __A__.       A) August B) September C) October D) January

30) _D___ are friends.       A) He B) SheC) I D) We

31) There are lots of people in my __A__.       A) family B) mother C) first name D) friends

32) My __A__ is eric2@mymail.com.       A) e-mail address B) telephone number C) address D) website

33) I __D__ French and Spanish.       A) teacher B) student C) dance D) study

34) The number between fourteen and sixteen is __A__.       A) fifteen B) seventeen C) twenty-one D) twelve35) The ordinal number between seventh and ninth is _A___.       A) eighth B) second C) tenth D) eleventh

36) Are you going to Susan's __A__ party?       A) birthday B) age c) date of birth D) date

37) My __B__ is Mary.       A) last name B) first name C) e-mail address D) address

38) The ordinal number between thirteenth and fifteenth is __D__.       A) four B) twenty-fourth C)...
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