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Answer questions 1-3 according to the information given in the text. Use your own words.

1. How will the £500m be spent?
Halfwill be spent on the development of offshore aeolian power and the other half will be used to help the green energy industry make a profit.

2. Why did RenewableUK use Denmark as an example?... because in Denmark, government backing of the green energy industry has made it extremely profitable.

3. Why does the aviation industry oppose widespread wind power generation?
... becauseit fears the turbines could cause interference with the radar equipment needed to fly planes.

Are these statements true or false? Justify your answers with the precise words or phrases fromthe text, or use your own words.

4. This is a good time to ask for a huge financial help from the government.
FALSE: ... "it is a huge amount of money" at a time when public finances are inthe middle of a serious crisis.

5. Some big firms are considering the possibility of entering the green energy industry.
TRUE: There are encouraging signs of interest from importantcompanies...


6. Find in the text the word which has the following definition:
"the act of putting money into something to make a profit".

7. Which word does nothave the same meaning?: Path / trip / passage / way

8. Give a noun with the same root as "encourage" (verb; line 19)
courage, encouragement

9. Find in the text one synonym/opposite for"honestly" (adverb)

10. Fill in the gap with a correct form of the verb in brackets:
"By the time they reach Manchester tomorrow, they will have been travelling (travel) forfourteen hours."
"By the time they reach Manchester tomorrow, they will have travelled (travel) for fourteen hours."

11. Turn the following sentence into the passive voice:
"Governments are...
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