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Writing 1 (Page 18, Unit 1)

Dear Tommy

Now I am having my last tests of the year, so I am prepearing a lot to them. Despite I am studying a lot, I make my time to stay with my friends to relaxa little.
You have to know that I am planning a trip to Córdoba, to visit my cousin that I haven´t see her since February. So if it´s al my subjects good, I will travel on December and I will haveChristmas with her. I think that she will be on holidays too, so we will go a time to the mountains, that is a good idea.
Then in January I am here again, and I will be with the boys a time until Istart train basquetball again, that in the begining of the year the coach is very exacting on the physic part, and I have to care myself.
In the same time, I have to get a job because I want to havemy own many this year, I heard something about a job in the factory in Castelar, I will ask there, I have to make my CV.
Well, now answer to me, what are you planning please.
See you
LucasWriting 2 (Page31, Unit 2)

I recently saw your advertisement looking for volunteers tojoin a conservation expidition in Costa Rica and I should very much like to take part in this.
I’d like to knowwich animals are we going to see in the expedition and how many of them will be close to the camp. I think that they aren´t dangerous animals, but i want to read some of them, so please tell me.
Iwant to tell you that I have two silver medals on competitions about swimmers, the first was whan I were fifteen years old, in the Swimmers Chalengers, it was to nice to me. And the second was in acompetition on the sea, in Mar del Plata, I was twenty years old that time.
I have studied spanish for six years when I were young, I have the title of the fifth grade on the Spanish Cultural of RamosMejía, I got 8(eight) in the final exam.
Could you tell me where an when we are having the the full training that will be given on the two-week introductory house?

Than you,

Lucas Sibilia
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