Ford Production System

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Ford uses a chain production system in order to manufacture cars.
The three basic principles of this company are:
1. Principle of intensification: is to reduce production time with the immediateuse of equipment and raw materials and the rapid placement of product on the market.
2. Principle of economist: it consists in minimizing the volume of raw material transformation.
3. Principle ofproductivity: is to increase the production capacity of man in the same period (productivity) through specialization and the assembly line.
To meet demand, Ford began mass production.
Ford arguedthat a worker assigned to each position, with a specific task to do, the production car would be faster and save more labour hours.
The only way to have staff capable of carrying out the productionis having a solid work of training. It is not only focusing on the training needs of each position, but also to evaluate how the training is assimilated and applied to business. These are the WorkingGroups. Ford Production System is supported mainly in human resources, ie the Working Groups.
General terms
* A provider Working Group
* Labor (on tasks that add value and where not)
* Rawmaterials
* Services (power, compressed air, drains, etc.).
* Using equipment, tools, machinery
* Use of safety elements
* Waste Generation
* Obtaining product intended for costumer WorkingGroup.
Chain Production
The assembly allows continuous production, which is the main organizer of the systems of work organization. The use of chain conveyor consists of fixing the main piece to thecarrier to make it pass in front of each man so that the product is fully assembled at the end of the conveyor. The cadence of the work is then mechanically controlled by the speed of the conveyorexcluding totally the worker. Worker initiative is minimized and therefore, workers' control of time.
So that the pieces can be set one after another on the conveyor must be strictly identical and...
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