France In The Global Arena

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France in the global arena

France relations with the international community

• France and the International Organizations
• The Francophonie

France relationswith its neighbors and the European Union
• Roll played by France in the creation of the European Union and the origin of this organization.
• Current position and capabilities of Franceregarding the European Union. Its responsibilities towards the EU.
• The future of France on the European Union and its short term and long term objectives.
• France trade partnersand states related economically.
• Rough relations with European States. (Recent conflicts and wars)

France and the African continent
• French colonies.
• Armed conflicts withAfrican states.
• Independence of the colonies and the French stand. Conditions under which the independence took place.
• Current relations with former French colonies.
.Case Study: Algeria
• Summary of the relations with other states.
• French influence in African states.
• French stand in the conflict on Mali.
• Main trade partners.Products of imports and exports.

France and the Americas
• American and French relations. On the economic matter, political affairs, cooperation on different scenarios.
• Latin Americaand its relations with France. Trade, cooperation and conflicts.
• French Guyana.

France and the United Nations
• France roll in the creation of the organization.
• Frenchposition on the Security Council
• Its cooperation with other states through the UN
• Stand with current conflicts handled by the UN
• France and the UN Reform

Global economy ofFrance
• France and its main trade partners.
• French products.
• International aide given by France.

France and the disarmament

France and the sustainable development
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