Frozen pizza

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Two Worlds

Karen, a woman director, is going to make a documentary series about two different ‘Englands’ living side by side: the haves side, focused in the south, and the have-nots in the north. Rosie, the one who is interviewed, makes Karen realizes how easy her life is just for living in London. In the north of the island, there is a smell of hopelessness everywhere and people living therecan’t imagine any sort of live outside the estate, and overcoat they don’t think things will get better.

Rosie’s life is really hard. Her mother is almost drunk and in consequence, the house is always dirty and Rosie has to take care of her little sister. Things aren’t easier for her: her mother doesn’t bother about them, they don’t have money and she had been hungry. But now things havechanged a little bit: she enjoys going to the museum and if the film get success, she will earn a big quantity of money.

The Old Oak Bowl

Mr Walker, an Englishman, doesn’t like the changes. He is a schoolteacher and he sees how new comers arrive at the school and he doesn’t like foreigners because they aren’t born in England. He likes old things and that is why he mends and restores old furniture.He thinks it isn’t right to throw old things away. But, things have changed. Once he arrived at an antique shop and the owner gave him an old bowl. Mr Walker immediately fell in love with it. One night, although, he had an odd dream and in it appeared the bowl. It was a monk writing a book and he used the bowl to put herbs. The fact is that Mr Walker couldn’t understand what the Monk was saying.So, the next day he explained his dream to the history teacher and he told him that after the Norman invasion (1066) lots of people didn’t speak English, but they spoke French. Mount’s words made him think about that. He looked in a local history book and he realized he wasn’t an Englishman; his name was Flemish. From that day things changed for Mr Walker. Now he knows England was a land that hadalways welcomed foreigners bringing new words and new customs.

One of the Lads

The first week at school was awful for Luke Thomas. He met a gang which was always spotting him. He was a victim. A couple of days after, the boys discovered Luke would do anything for them, so they let him join the gang. He was there because they needed him. Luke went everywhere they did, so he left school likethe others. The gang loved watching football matches. They were Chelsea supporters. But it was different because before and after the matches there were always fights. Football had become Luke’s life way back. Luke copied the gang so totally that the others thought he was like them.

One day they were talking about going to Amsterdam in order to see a match. As soon as they arrived there, theywent ahead to a bar, an English pub in Amsterdam. Luke thought they looked awful and dirty. A few minutes later, the four of them went in the bar but Luke stayed outside. They began to behave badly, as they always do,

and a Dutchman said to Luke why they English behaved like that (looking at them) and he also told him that he didn’t have to stay with them if he didn’t want to do it. So then Mikerealized that they couldn’t stop him and he went to work in a company producing handmade furniture. He left them.

Frozen Pizza

A young man went to live with a family in England instead of staying at the university because he thought that living in a family would help him to improve his English. But the house and the family weren’t as he was expected them to be. The lady was really proud ofher painting work and she never cooked, something the young man found strange. The only thing they eat was frozen pizzas and ice-cream. They didn’t have usual kitchen, as his mother. The children never were at home and the father arrived when he wanted. Mrs Stonehouse said the young man she was so busy but she spent her time watching TV. The morning after he arrived, he went to a café and then to...
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