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“Words leaves marks, testimony moves masses”
In 1893, an Indian lawyer travelling by train across South Africa was cruelly discriminated against and beaten by the sametransport staff after refusing to move from the first class to a third-class coach while holding a valid first-class ticket. To give his seat to a European passenger, his dignity and rights were violated.Perhaps others would not have the courage to do something about it, but he did, even though he probably would suffer, appeared before the court and testified the racism, prejudice and injustice againstIndians in South Africa. And that was only the beginning of his huge Indian independence movement based on resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience and total nonviolence. This concepthelped India gain independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.
His name was Mohandas Gandhi, officially honored in India as “The Father of the Nation”, and thereason why our generation still remembers him 63 years after his death is not because his discourses of freedom. We know Mahatma Gandhi because he left us an incredible testimony about tolerance andreaching our purposes by fair-play, without violence, respecting the rules and the other people’s dignity.
Good morning, my name is Magdalena Pérez de Arce and with this oratory I want you to realizethat words can leave marks, but testimony moves masses.
I want to be as realistic as possible. Nowadays, the world is not what it was just a few years ago. There is so many problems, so much to do;starving people in Africa, others being terribly affected by nuclear radiation, violent disorders in Libya, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic explosions, there are animals dying in their natural habitatdue to pollution, global warming, wars, injustice, poverty, an incredible loss of values, one more devastating than the other; but the truth is that it is much easier to put these problems in the...
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