Ghostly Visitors

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Questions on the text


1) It’s special because the ghost first appeared to the small child.
2) He met her one summer one when he came home fromuniversity.
3) The condition is that the person who becomes governess to Miles and Flora would be completely responsible for them.
She wants the job because the salary was so good and she couldn’trefuse.

Chapter 1

1) Little Flora had blue eyes and long blonde curls.
2) – Mrs Grose seemed too happy.
-- She heard the cry of children in the distance and sound of footsteps.Chapter 2

1) The headmaster said that Miles was bad influence on the other children and Miles couldn’t return in holidays.
2) Because Mrs Grose’s face become red.
3) She thought that Milesseemed angelical like his sister.
4) She was amazed how easily she accept the situation.

Chapter 3

1) Catherine was walking when she saw a stranger man at the top of towel and she feltvery cold.
2) She thought that was lord Henry or the servants were playing a trick on her.
3) She shocked to see somebody was standing outside the windows.
4) Catherine said that man wastall with dark hair and a long pale face. His eyebrows were thick and dark. H e had got smalls eyes and wide mouth with thin lips. He was elegantly dressed.
5) Mrs Grose said that the stranger wasPeter Quint , Lord Henry’s assistant , but he was dead.

Chapter 4

1) Miss Jessel , the old governess , loved Quint passionately , but he just laughed at her and finally he ended hisrelationship.
2) Flora’s mind was somewhere else.

Chapter 5

1) Miss Jessel
2) Miss Jessel was dressed all in black
3) Because he wanted to see Miss Jessel.

Chapter 6

1)If Quint came again, Catherine would try to stop him before he visits Miles.
2) Catherine spends their days with the children delighted.
3) Because she was too busy with the mysterious...
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