The ghostly visitors

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Douglas reads to his guests a strange ghost story that hasn’t been heard before. He tells them that the story was written by his sister’s governess 20 years before, and that it is a true story.Before reading, Douglas gives them some background information: Lord Henry’s niece, Flora, and nephew, Miles, had become orphaned after their parents’ tragic death. Lord Henry lived in London and didn’thave time to look after the children, so he sent them to his country mansion, Bly, and hired Catherine to take care of them. He made it clear to her that he didn’t want to be worried by any problems orquestions about the children.

Catherine is charmed by Flora’s beauty and sweet nature. Mrs Grose, the housekeeper, tells Catherine that Miles is as sweet and good as his sister and Catherine can’twait to meet him when he gets back from the boarding school. But the next day, Catherine receives a letter from Lord Henry. Inside it is a letter from Miles’ headmaster saying that Miles is expelledfrom school and must not return after the holidays. When Catherine meets him, she can’t understand how such an angelic boy could have been expelled. Soon, weird things start to happen. Catherine sees astrange man appearing around the house, and then disappearing into nowhere. Sometimes she sees a strange woman, too.

Catherine talks about the two strangers to Mrs. Grose and discovers thatthey’re the ghosts of Miss Jessel and Quint. Mrs. Grose is terrified when she hears about the ghosts’ frequent visits. She tells Catherine that they’re evil and that she fears for the children’s safety. Whenshe tries to talk to the children about it, they pretend that they don’t know what she’s talking about. But Catherine knows they’re hiding something from her. She also realises that they like theghostly visitors and aren’t aware of their evil powers. Catherine tries to protect Flora and Miles but they don’t cooperate. Sometimes they talk as though they aren’t themselves, as though a ghost is...
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