Global warming

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Marco Antonio Vargas

The global warming in the world

Thesis Statement

Although people know about global warming effects and how dangerous it is they don’t do anything to stop any of theprincipal causes causing it.


I.- Introduction
A.- Brief Explanation
B.- Disinformation
C.- Principal Causes

II.- Global Warming
A.-Principal Causes1.- Increase of pollution
2.- Deforestation
3.- Contamination
B.- Environmental Effects
1.- Climate change
2.- Glacier retreat
3.- Raising sea levels
4.-Direct effect of solar beam rise
C.- Economic Consequence
1.- Economic Problems

III.- How combat the problem
A.- Solutions
1.- Make stronger laws against thecontamination
2.- More corporation that take care the environment
3.- Recyclable
4.- Create more campaigns to make the people take care the environment.

Most people sometimesheared the word “Global Warming” but they don’t know the terrible problem of it. Often the people just don’t think in the environment and still contaminating and deforesting the forests just for moneydon’t thinking in the future generations like their sons and daughters that they may not live in a world without forests and destroyed by the contamination.

The climate has always varied, but theproblem is in the last century the pace of these changes has been accelerated so anomalous, now is affecting the lives in the planet. Some scientists found that there is a direct link between globalwarming and the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases that is caused mainly by industrialized societies. The scientists occupies much of the efforts studying and trying to find how control the globalwarming because they said that it problem put in risk the future of humanity.

The carbon dioxide and other air pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere forming an increasingly thick layer,...
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