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Globalism is a doctrine that advocates the unification of all countries of the world into one political community. This doctrine involves a series of changes more inclined toward a single world orderis based on a political ideology not as economical as that of globalization, namely to be controlled by a single legal government.
Moreover regionalization is an unification on a smaller scale,for political integration, economic and social cooperation between states or parts with similar levels of development or as complementing each other and achieve greater competitiveness with otherregions or simply compared to other countries more developed.
Regionalization can also be understood as the division of areas into smaller areas allows a better understanding of resources and thus canmanage resources effectively and operate more efficiently.
While globalism seeks a total integration, regionalization is more specific purposes, aims globalism.
• A political unity and common law.• Full integration of the factors and elements of the state.

• Complete meeting of national sovereignty

• Creation of supranational bodies

• more efficient political structureRegionalization is more a complement of countries which share the economic and commercial interests, its objectives are:

• Achieving common goals of member states

• Strengthen businesscompetitiveness

• Complementation of the market

• Elimination of trade barriers between participating countries

• Promotion to negotiations with neighboring countries and provide means ofdistribution:

It is important to identify clear differences between one model to another, and know when to agree.

Globalism is still a model that is latent even though we talk and pose for thevery distant future since losing sovereignty and national decision to leave in the hands of a small group of governors, is really puzzling and even untrustworthy.

Regionalization is certainly a...
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