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Topic: Life Plans

A°) Personal Projects (Do I know what am I going to?)
1.-General aspects:
Academic life: I’m going to finish my studies at El Conalep and then I’m going to look for a job thatis rewarding and in accordance with my goals. I’m going to study at La Normal if there is a chance for me in this life.
Personal life: I’m going to get married like a woman should do and I’m going tohave two children as well as marry a successful man.That’s what I’m going to do.Then I’m going to enjoy life alongside my husband.
Labor life: I’m going to get as much experience as I can.And I’mgoing to hopefully finish studies at La escuela Normal to start a career as a teacher since I love working with children.
2.-Specific aspects: 3 questions in future for each one
a) What grades amI going to get?
b) What teachers am I going to get along with?
c) What classmates am I going to be in class with?
d) Who am I going to marry?
e) Where am I going to live ?
f) Whatkind of husband am I going to have?
g) Where am I going to work?
h) What am I going to work as, either teacher or technician
i) How much am I going to eam ?

3.-Going to
Going to: |Academic life | Personal life | Labor life |
In 2 years | (+) I’ m going to spend time with my friends.(+) I’ m going to enjoy school.(-) I’ m going to be finished with school(-) I’ m not going tohave time to study anymore | (+) I’m going to be married(+) I’m going to share things with my husband(-) I’m not going to be free(-) I’m not going to have to work | (+) I’m going to work with airconditioner (+) I’m going to get fairly good money(-) I’m not going to be only an employee(-) I’m not going to have bills to pay |
In 5 years | (+) I’m not going to put up with homework(+) I’m goingprobably study what I like (teaching)(-) I’m not going to be with my same friends at school(-) I’m going to strugle to pay my tuition | (+) I’m going to have a child by then (+)I’m going to be proud...
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