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There was the dog all alone waiting for Jimmy.

- Poor dog. - Said Luke.

He knew Jimmy would not come back; Lucky was here, just because his parents didn’t want to have a dog in their new home. Luke wanted to help Lucky; he gave him food and water everyday. Lucky went to Jimmy’s old house to wait for him; but Lucky wouldn’t eat anything, he was so concentrated on when Jimmy was going toopen the door that he didn’t pay attention to Luke’s food.

Everyday Luke did the same, he gave food to Lucky, but it was always the same thing. With time Lucky began to look skinnier and skinnier. Luke didn’t know what to do, he already spoke with Jimmy by telephone but Jimmy just said his parents wouldn’t let him keep Lucky again. Luke couldn’t believe it, Jimmy’s parents loved Lucky very muchand now they were acting like Lucky was scumb.

That night Luke talked with his mom to see if he could keep Lucky until they found a new home for him, but he just found a no as an answer, he tried to make his mother change her mind and get a different answer, now his mother told him that only if he took care of Lucky, fed him and cleaned all the mess he makes, she would let him keep it for awhile. Luke accepted her terms.
A Dog’s Choice
A Dog’s Choice

* It won’t be a problem. –

He thought, he already did half of those things.

Weeks passed by and Lucky began to pay more attention to what Luke was doing, he now ate the food Luke give to him. Luke began to play with Lucky at the park.

* Come on Lucky go and get the stick. –
* Bark - - Bark. – Lucky answered to hisvery new friend

Lucky suddenly run towards the stick. Luke was amazed he really gets Lucky to like him. It seemed they would be together forever.

Christmas was just a few weeks ago and now Lucky lives at Luke’s house. He and his parents agreed that it was better that Luke kept Lucky, instead of finding him a home, they were very happy, Lucky seemed to already forgotten Jimmy.

Luke was on oneof his daily strolls with Lucky, they took a route that made them stop at a supermarket because of the traffic. Like left Lucky tied to a trash can while he went to buy some water. When he finished buying water he found out that Lucky wasn’t where he left him, he began to look for him all over.

He finally found him playing with a familiar face. It was Jimmy! Luke couldn’t believe it Jimmy wasthere with Lucky. Luke run to get close to them and say hi to Jimmy, Jimmy was very pleased to see Luke; they began to talk of all the things that had happened since Jimmy had left and some other things.

* Luke, I wanted to tell you something. –
* Yeah sure what is it
* Well, I’m very glad that you’re taking care of Lucky. –
* Yes I now, I really like Lucky. -
* Mmmmm… –* So, what is it Jimmy, you know you can tell me anything. –
* Well next week I will come to visit my grandma so, I was thinking maybe I could play with Lucky when I come. –
* Sure, why all that insecurity to ask that, of course you can play with him. –
* Thanks, I really appreciate that; it’s just that now that Lucky is your dog I wanted to ask. –

When Luke and Lucky where walkingto his house, Luke was happy but confused at the same time.

* Why would Jimmy be so scared to ask me that? –

* Maybe his parents won’t let him be with Lucky. –
* Or maybe he really just was nervous because Lucky is with me now. –
* Well whatever it was we are glad to see Jimmy again, right Lucky. –

* Bark! Bark! –

The days went by and Jimmy finally arrived, Luke wasvery excited about what all three of them would do. When they met at the park Luke noticed that Jimmy had a suspicious face like if he had done something bad.

Jimmy stepped closer and Luke asked him:

* Are you ok? –
* Yeah, why do you ask? –
* No reason, I just…. I don’t know you look kind of scared… -
* Don’t say ridiculous things, come on let’s play. –

They started to...
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