Historia Del Pan

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Trendy desserts of 2012
 April 2, 2012
 By: Nancy Arndt

Each year new trends are created in the food industry, but no year is bigger than 2012 for desserts. As Americans always say “out withthe old, in with the new “and this is so true this year. In 2012 no longer will you see modern dessert eateries serving luscious berry filled pies or caramel filled sweet treats covered in chocolate.Sure classic eateries still serve good old classic desserts,but most will be serving a new modern twist of desserts. This year you will be seeing donuts; donuts have been around for many years butare now transitioning from just a sweet breakfast treat to a sweet delicious after dinner dessert. The position that the donut holds in our daily meals may be changing, but also are the varieties ofdonuts being served. It used to be you’d walk into a donut shop such as Dunkin Donuts and pick up your coffee and a sugar glazed donut and that was it. Over the years the simple sugar glazed donut hasevolved into a donut covered with chocolate icing and sprinkles to a berry or cream filled donut. Currently the donut is transitioning into a new era of flavors and colors to meet the consumer’spreference. Most donut makers and donut shop owners are hoping this trend will last for years to come.
In 2012 not only is it the comeback of the donuts, but it’s also the comeback of the cupcake. Cupcakeshave been around for a long time, but today they are lavishly decorated and filled with delicious flavors. In several cities around the world cupcake more and more shops are opening their doors .These shops may be simple but their cupcakes sure are not, take Sprinkles for instance which is based in Beverly Hills, California and several cities across the United States. Sprinkle is a very modernand simple looking place, but one look at their cupcakes and you will see this is no ordinary cupcake shop. Today it’s not just the good old favorites that are coming back, but its classic desserts...
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