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Computers In The News

Computers today:
-Computers have created a climate of concern among individuals in society and particularly among professionals concerned with theevolution of technological advances.
-The use of training will turn your computer into a tool to support the development of any activity which allows you to perform itsfunction more easily and quickly.
-The computer used correctly is a tool or an aid to solving problems in various disciplines that are posed by the student.
-Computing can bestudied when considered as a separate discipline, is to provide instruction on basic aspects to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the use of different systems and in turnbecome a useful teaching tool when sets according to the needs of each specialty, while that can be used as a powerful medium of instruction in different disciplines orprofessions.
-The use of computer has academic benefits include: saving time by performing their duties, to use computers can give them different ways to their jobs and thereforeincreased reporting, they can also perform various tasks from documents, research, tables, etc..
-The use of the computer has become indispensable for all young students evenfor most people who study, work, to entertain children seeking to investigate different issues.
-The computer provides benefits based on usage and forecasts that are takento counteract its dangers.

Today's computers have a variety of programs which enables us relalizar different activities such as:
- The Word. One of the main programs usedin the computer is the processor ...Computation in Ecuador, have taken control of the province inmany ways they are:

in advertising
At work
In the house itself
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