How I Met Your Mother Pilot

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It starts with Ted telling his kids the story of how he met their mother in 2030. The storybegins in 2005 when Ted was living in New York with his friend Marshall.
Marshall was about to propose to Lily, his soul mate.Lily was a Kindergarten teacher and Marshall was studying to be a lawyer. Ted was an architect.
While Marshal was proposing toLily he accidentally hit her with the Champaign cork and took her to the hospital.
Ted claimed not to be ready to settle down,because he hadn´t met his soul mate yet, but just that minute, he saw a very beautiful woman end he decided that she was theone. Barney was other friend; he was a player, but he was the one that made Ted and Robin (the beautiful woman) meet. So he askedher out to a little restaurant, and when they went to her house she had to leave for work. He didn’t kiss her and Marshall, Lilyand Barney tell him that it was a mistake not to kiss her. So they convinced him to go kiss her and they all went with him. Hewent to her apartment and they started dancing and everything was going perfect till he said “I think I’m in love with you” andshe totally freaked out. In the end he leaved and she gave him the signal to kiss her, but he didn’t, he just walked away.
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