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- Queen: Mirror, Mirror who is the prettiest woman in the whole world?
- Mirror: My Queen, Danielita is. (The mirror shows a picture of Danielita)
The Queen gets mad and starsscreaming.
Queen: This can’t be true! I was the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and after Danielita is dead I will be the most beautiful woman in the world.
The queen calls a hunter.
Queen: Iwant you to kill Danielita and to bring me her heart.
Hunter: I will my Queen, see you tomorrow.
The hunter dresses as a prince and asks Danielita to go to the forest with him. Once they are in theforest and the hunter is about to kill him he drops the knife and says:
Hunter: Danielita run, go away and never come back! The Queen wanted me to kill you because of your beauty but I can’t, youare an innocent girl.
Danielita runs away and after an hour she is extremely tired, thirsty and hungry. She needs to find a place to stay but in the middle of the forest that’s not an easy task.Suddenly she sees a small house; she gets in and sees two little beds, two little chairs, a little kitchen and a little table. She can’t believe what she sees and lays in one of the beds. She falls asleepimmediately. Meanwhile, the hunter sent the Queen the heart of a deer.
The owners of this house are two Dwarves (Grumpy and Happy) who find Danielita and tell her:
Grumpy: If you want to stay, youshould cook, wash and keep everything clean and tidy.
Danielita: Ok! Perfect, thank you very much!
Happy: Great!
Grumpy and Happy warned her not to let anyone into the house while they are working.Meanwhile the Queen asked again to the Mirror.
Queen: Mirror, who is the prettiest woman in the whole world?
Mirror: Danielita is. (The mirror shows a picture of Danielita in the house of thedwarves)
Snow White is very hungry and asks the Dwarves for some food.
Danielita: Grumpy! Happy! Can you feed me? I don’t eat since yesterday.
Grumpy: Yeah, we have some food in here.
Happy: I can...
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