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Human Resources H.W.

“Nike Corporate Social Responsibility”

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We see corporate responsibility as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

The opportunity is greater than ever for corporate responsibility principles and practices to deliver business returns and become a driver of growth, to build deeper consumer and community connections, and tocreate positive social and environmental impact in the world.
We have made tremendous progress over the past two years in more deeply integrating corporate responsibility into our business model.

We see corporate responsibility as a catalyst for growth and innovation, an integral part of how we can use the power of our brand, the energy and passion of our people, and the scale of our businessto create meaningful change.

Corporate responsibility at Nike has grown beyond its role as a tool to define, discover and address compliance issues, or to manage risk and reputation. Today, corporate responsibility no longer exists on the periphery as a check on our business, but is assuming its rightful role as a source of innovation within our business.

Corporate responsibility is nolonger a staff function at Nike. It’s a design function, a sourcing function, a consumer experience function, part of how we operate. Second, we know that incremental progress isn’t good enough. Nike is competitive. We don’t want to get better, we want to win. If real change is to occur in our supply chain and contract factories, in the communities in which we operate and in the broader world weinfluence, then small steps will always fall short of our potential. Big goals are needed to realize big achievements. So we’ve set a series of strategic business targets for ourselves that are aggressive but achievable by FY11.

We continue to focus our efforts in three areas:
1 Improving working conditions in our contract factories through a holistic, integrated business approach to our supplychain.
2 Minimizing our global environmental footprint through sustainable product innovation and supply chain innovation — both in our direct operations and our contract factories.
3 Using the power of our brand to give excluded youth around the world greater access to the benefits of sport.

We have focused our efforts in each area:
Bringing about systemic change for footwear, apparel andequipment manufacturing workers remains our primary focus. Through integration with our lean manufacturing business strategy, we believe we can achieve significant positive change for workers.

By FY11 we aim to:
Eliminate excessive overtime in contract factories – one of the most serious ongoing compliance issues factories face.
Implement tailored human resources management systems incontract factories, which will include management training on workers’ rights, women’s rights, and freedom of association and collective bargaining.
Encourage other brands to join us in partnering. Our aim is that by FY11, 30 percent of our supply chain be monitored in partnership with other brands and through multistakeholder collaboration.
Transition 90 percent of our footwear lines to leanmanufacturing processes. We are firmly committed to addressing environmental challenges in the world today, both in how we manage our footprint and in the design of our products. Over the past two years, we exceeded our CO2 emissions reduction target through the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers program. We eliminated F-gases across all Nike products following 14 years of research and development inour Nike Air cushioning system. And we defined our environmental footprint – for our direct operations and our contract factories.
By FY11 we expect to:
Make our Nike brand facilities climate neutral; all Nike, Inc. facilities are targeted to be climate neutral by 2015. In our products, we continue to pursue waste reduction and sustainable design through Nike innovation. We have embedded our...
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