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1.2 Venezuela in latin americans connection
Key approaches of under development to a possible definition of under development origin of under development as an expansion of european mercantilismcapitalismo to latum america and the process of the industrial revolution forming a global economy with very specific feature of center periphery.
Underdevelopment can be seen as a lower ranking to theWestern situation in which more than a century ago began the most radical transformation that humanity has suffered over time, allowing a number of scientific and technological advances that have ledto a dramatic improvement in the standard of living of its population. Given this fact, the developed world begins to become aware of the existence of underdevelopment and shortly after World War IIcreated the international development agencies.
Industrial Revolution
The change that occurs in the Modern History of Europe which triggers the transition from an agrarian and craft economy to onedominated by industry and mechanization is what we call the Industrial Revolution.
In the second half of the eighteenth century in England, is detected a profound transformation of work systems and thestructure of society. It is the result of growth and changes that have been occurring over the last hundred years, not a sudden revolution, but slow and unstoppable. We move from the old world ofrural to urban, from manual to machine. Farmers leaving the camps and move to the cities comes a new class of professionals.
Some of the features which are considered defining the industrial revolutionis in the assembly factory, the use of the driving force ... addition to the changes brought by moving from a workshop with several operators to large factories, the small village of several dozenneighbors to the metropolis of hundreds of thousands of people.
This revolution is to be a process of constant change and continuous growth where several factors: technical inventions (technology) and...
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