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Chinese Population
Based on the total number of births, total number of deaths, net migration rates, and the population of 2013, the current population of the People’s Republic of China isestimated to be about 1, 4 billion.

China’s population makes up around 19.3% of the world’s population. China has about 130 million more people than thesecond largest country in the world, India. Based on the population and the total area of the country, the population density of China in 2014 is estimated to be about 145 people per square kilometeror 375 people per square mile.

Vestimentas de Dinastías y Étnicas Chinas
They are characterized in his set by showy colors, meticulous confection and attention to detailed adornments, though theyhave diametrically different styles, designs, gowns and pomps, of fresh and dynamic style, adorn the daily life of the people, presenting an attractive scene of East together with the picturesquemountains and rivers.

Los Miaos
The miaos are one of the etnias of the south of China, have many branches and are widely distributed. Due to his long history and vast culture folclórica, the branchesof the miaos show dyes and intense and different attractions in what it concerns the language

Indumentaria tibetana
The general idea on the apparel tibeteana is that of wide mantles with longsleeves and of aprons bordered with showy bands.

Chinese traditional music is a kind of classical music including opera and drama. This music is characterized asinstrumental, and the interpretation make a small group of people that play traditional instruments.
Chinese music had three types are:
• Sizhu yue (music of string and wind instruments)
• Chuida Yue (musicpercussion and string instruments)
• Lougo Yue (music of gongs and drums)
The more instruments used in Chinese are:
THE DIZI: This is the most popular of blowing instruments. It is one of the...
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