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Arizona law sad
The new anti-immigrant law in the state of Arizona passed SB 1070 by Governor Jan Brewer states: No documents have legal status in the United States not to carry in your wallet oreven a green card in his car to transport an illegal immigrant, but be a relative, has become a crime.
Hours before this law was made valid, President Barack Obama had said in Washington DC that thelaw was "wrong measure" and asked Congress to accelerate the debate on immigration reform to be adopted, it needs bipartisan support.
Official reason
Governor Jan Brewer defended the signing of thetoughest immigration law in the United States by criticizing the U.S. Congress by its inaction, he said, addressing the issue of illegal immigration.
Precedence over the demands of rain coming fromorganizations that define the rights of immigrants, Brewer said, "we must trust in the authorities. Officials (police) will be respectful and civil law shall be exercised fairly. "
On 30 April thegovernor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signed amendments to SB 1070. This is HB 2162 which amended some of the controversial measures contained in the law enacted on April 23 and that strong nationalcontroversy erupted.
The amendments eliminate the possibility that the local police (state and municipal) use racial profiling as a reason to detain an individual and maintain, says SB 1070, that peoplecan identify themselves to police a driver's license Arizona State with a valid driver's license from any other state, with an identification as a member of a tribe recognized by the State or any othervalid ID.
Only one Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, is currently negotiating with another Democrat, Chuck Schumer, a possible language of reform, based on a program of temporary work permits,fines and an obligation to learn English for those who seek legalization and cards identification.
For Democrats, whose election prospects in November are announced tough, the temptation is to break...
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