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Business intelligence is the use of an organization's disparate data to provide meaningful information and analysis to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners for more effective decision making.
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The core capabilities of business intelligence group information together, measure it, give end users access to it, and share information changes. These capabilities can be further broken down into three main components: enterprise performance management (EPM), information discovery and delivery (IDD), and enterprise information management (EIM).

Enterprise performance management (EPM)EPM applications focus on key performance metrics and transform information into a strategic asset. Dashboards and scorecards provide visibility to users regarding organizational strategy and metrics that will improve performance. These products align actions with strategy by enabling assignment of company goals to users or groups of users. Users act more decisively via collaboration withothers to share and expand knowledge, taking recommended actions, and capturing trusted best practices to optimize organizational performance.

• Learn more about enterprise performance management solutions from Business Objects

Information discovery and delivery (IDD)

IDD helps simplify the way that business decisions makers use information, allowing users to access, format, analyze,navigate, and share information across the organization. IDD comprises (enterprise) reporting, query and analysis, dashboards and scorecards, and the BI platform (including search capabilities).

• Learn more about enterprise reporting products
• Learn more about query and analysis products
• Learn more about the business intelligence platform from Business Objects

Enterpriseinformation management (EIM)

EIM products and services help improve data quality, understand the relationship and use of information, enable end-to-end data lineage for compliance purposes, and ensure consistent semantics across the business. They provide data integration methods for physical or virtual integration allowing organizations to integrate data from disparate sources and reconciledisparate data for consistency and accuracy. They ensure real-time information access and historical trending and analysis, reducing the time of BI and performance management projects to accelerate the time to decisions.

BusinessObjects Data Insight XI
Get the most out of your information infrastructure

Data Quality Assessment Software
Data Insight XI lets you monitor, analyze, and reporton the quality of information - whether it's in a relational database or a flat file in an open system or mainframe environment.

Data Insight XI can perform redundancy profiling, drill-down frequency distributions, cross-column and cross-table comparisons, pattern recognition and analysis to help you gain control of your information assets and get the most value possible from your enterpriseapplications.


Data Quality Assessment Functionality

• Establish benchmarks to monitor data quality problems
• Measure and track results continually over time
• Analyze disparate data sources
• Create a better understanding of critical business components
• Discover potential business rules and data relationships
• Save money and time spent correctingdata-related problems
• Provide information about defects to help plan for the cleansing of data stores and data warehouses
• Improve communication of business rules to the data cleansing user
• Report the results of the analysis to key stakeholders through a robust set of reports
Data Insight XI is an essential complement to Business Objects enterprise data quality software...
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