Introduction Of Mechatronic

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What will I study?
Mechatronic engineering is the integration of precision mechanical engineering with electronics, computer systems, and advanced controls to design and construct products andprocesses. Mechatronic engineering is one of the newest branches of engineering with far-reaching applications to every sector of society.  The mechatronic engineering program provides a broad-basededucation in the basic principles of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.
In Years 1 and 2 you will take core courses from the mechanical and electrical engineering degree programs. In Years3 and 4 you are required to take four  courses  that are specific to the mechatronics program along with 12 electives. Six of these electives are chosen from:  engineering analysis and design;engineering mechanics; dynamics and automatic control; signals and communication; electrical hardware and computer software. The remaining courses can be taken from any area of study on campus that willenhance your engineering degree (e.g., commerce, business studies, physics, mathematics or music) or they can be further courses from the mechatronic engineering program.
Where will I work?
Mechatronicengineers possess the core skills of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. Their knowledge enables them to solve a wide range of mechanical, electrical and software problems, allowing them toparticipate in and lead multidisciplinary design teams.  Mechatronic engineers are employed by product developers and manufacturers, large and small, by the mining industry, by the aerospace anddefence sectors, and by the government and industry research groups. Wherever there is potential for improvement through the integration of computer and electrical hardware with mechanical systems thereis a need for mechatronic engineers. In the future, mechatronic engineers will be in great demand as more industries seek to apply the evolutionary advances in computers, electronics, sensors, and...
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