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ITIL (Information Technology Infraestructure Library)


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library of books dealing with the provision of IT Service and the management of IT Infrastructure.
Provide a set of best practices and guidance in establishing and using a holistic approach to IT infrastructure management

ITIL is aimed at aligning IT services with businessrequirements and providing optimal service at justifiable cost

It comprises 11 processes and one function in two distinct sets:
Service Support Set
▪ Service Desk - the only function in ITIL
▪ Configuration Management
▪ Incident Management
▪ Problem Management
▪ Change Management
▪ Release Management
Service Delivery Set
▪ Service Level Management
▪ Availability Management▪ Capacity Management
▪ Security Management
▪ IT Service Continuity Management
▪ Financial Management for IT Services

There are currently eight books in the ITIL Library:
▪ Software Asset Management
▪ Service Support
▪ Service Delivery
▪ Planning to Implement Service Management
▪ ICT Infrastructure Management
▪ Application Management
▪ Security Management
▪The Business Perspective (to be published)

How can I use ITIL?

You can implement as much or as little of ITIL as your organization requires. You can use it to develop your own process-driven approach to IT Service Management, or to provide guidance in understanding your requirements for developing and implementing a holistic approach to IT Infrastructure Management.
ITIL is a vitalcomponent in Business-to-IT Alignment. It enables you to take control over all IT components, and facilitates effective and efficient management of IT infrastructure, processes and costs

What does ITIL do for me?

ITIL Certification identifies you as a special individual with tested knowledge of an internationally recognized and demonstrably effective approach to IT services and infrastructuremanagement.
There are no pre-requisites for this course, which provides the basis for the examination for the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. This is a closed book, 40 question, multiple-choice answer test lasting 60 minutes. A pass mark of 65% is required.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management aims to maintain control over IT infrastructure through the followingactivities:
▪ Identification
▪ Recording
▪ Control
▪ Verification
This enables the IT organization to provide optimal service to Customers at competitive costs

The Configuration Management Database

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a database that contains all relevant details of each Configuration Item (CI) and details of the important relationships between CIs Itis updated after every Change to the IT infrastructure. This ensures that complete and accurate information about the IT infrastructure is given to the rest of the organization

The Configuration Management process provides a sound foundation for the Change Management and Release Management processes

Definition and activities: Scope

The Scope of Configuration Management is defined by twoelements:
▪ The range of responsibility of Configuration Management
▪ The breadth of the CMDB

Setting the scope correctly is one of the critical Management. Too narrow a scope can result in other processes failing to achieve their goals. Too broad a scope can result in the process becoming unmanageable and can lead to failure of the ITIL implementation

▪ Hardware
▪ Software
▪ Documentation

What is a Configuration Item (CI)?

A Configuration Item is one component of the infrastructure
All CIs identified at the time of setting the scope are included in the Baseline configuration in the CMDB

The Baseline is a product or system established at a specific point in time, that captures both a structure and...
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