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Japan ancient nation modern power

Religion and traditions in Japan

Japan is a country that allows variety of religions it searches the freedom off their people. Therefore it is possible toobserve in Japanese culture the traditional religions (Shinto and Buddhism) and some minority ones (Islam, Christian).
But if we see the statics they are quite ambivalent with the results of theirbeliefs. By one hand it is possible to observe that the majority of the people don’t believe in God or don’t practice a religious believe. By the other hand the numbers can show us that by tradition (familyone) the majority of the country practices in their lives activities that seem religious.

The most practiced religions in Japan are:


This is the name given the indigenous religion inJapan. Their origins are pre-historical and are associated with the mythology of Japan’s creation and supernatural ancestors. The basis of the religion is the respect for nature and for sacred sites.These sites can be considered as sacred because they had or have contact with natural elements such as trees, the sun, rocks, etc.
The name Shinto corresponds to the translation: ¨the way of thekami¨ that means the path of the gods. The biggest manifestation of Shinto in the country can be perceived in the shrines that form part of the center of the neighborhoods festivals. The local peopleprotect a particular deity, this Shinto shrines are associated to a particular geographical area. By another hand there are other ones that are associated to deities that have specific powers. Forexample there is in Japan a Shrine where there is supposed to help learning. The people also visit for special occasions such as New Year, age celebrations, and new baby celebration.
Entering theshrine means for the believers that they are being purified from the pollution of the outside.


The Buddhism arrived to Japan in the six century and developed a number of sub-sects. It...
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