Katy Perry

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Our English Conversation

Fer. So tell me who´s the most famous biker?
Dante – I think Sam hill is the most famous
Fer- you know. I´m going to practice some newsport
Dante- Really? Wow! it’s terrific.
Fer- would you like to go out to dinner tonight?
Dante- sure. Where do you want to go?
Fer- I’m in the mood for Mexican food -Dante- I am, too, but which restaurant is better, Taco bell or California?
Fer- I think that the California is better, but Taco bell is cheaper than California
Dante- Thenlet´s go to the California
(Se van agarrados de la mano hasta el restaurant California)
Oscar- Good afternoon. Welcome to the restaurant California. May I take youorder?
Dante- yes I’d like two orders of enchiladas
Oscar- what kind of dressing would you like?
Dante- what sauce is the Spicest?, red or green?
Oscar- red sauce of course.Dante- yes, it’s ok.
Oscar- and, what do you want sir?
Fer- I’d like an order of tacos.
Oscar- Would you like something to drink? We have soda, water, pulque andtequila.
Fer- I’d like tequila, but what kind of tequila do you suggest?
Oscar- don Ramon tequila has the best flavor.
Fer. Yes I want a shoot of that
Oscar- And you?Dante-I´ll take a soda
Oscar.- OK. I´ll bring it right away.
(Twenty minutes later)
Dante- Hey Waiter, would you tell Cheff that the meals are great!?
Oscar- sure! I´lltell him right now. Would you like dessert?
Fer- Yeah! What do you have?
Oscar- I have apple pie, ice cream, chocolate cake and Carlota
Fer- we´ll take ice cream.
Oscar.-OK. I´ll bring it right away.
(Ten minutes later and one kiss)
Dante- Hey waiter, would you bring the check?
Oscar. NO! ja,ja,ja ¡¡¡ is a prank. Of course I´ll bring it.
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