La Importacia De La Comunicacion Oral y Escrita

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A dolly for three kings day.
I was seven years old and i never had a doll.I wanted a doll like my cousin's Jenny with light skin and big blue eyes that would close when you lay her down. Jenny's doll was the sizes of a real baby, with arced arms and legs; it's hand were open showing her palm filled with lines.
Christman was almost upon us. Our neighbors would hand snowballs off the top of thezinc roof, while red christmas flowers would light up the balconies. Me, my sisters and my brother would help papi with the tinsel around the garden. We would also help mami pick oregano leaves and achiote bulps filled with bright red seeds. In school we would sing christmas songs and about the birth of baby jesus, also about the three wise men that would camels following the bright star tobethlaham. Old chritsmas eve we would put hay and water for the camels and by morning wake up to find the gifts the wise men Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar would leave us, after traveling thousand of miles. The smells of christmas would escape frommami's kitchen, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary and garlic. choirlors would come from other yards where the pig was roasting and it's cracklin would pop at thesound of the cuatro and the chi-gui-cha" of the guiros and the melody would be about the three wise men and chritsmas eve. At night the the parrandas would surprise the sleeping neighbors as they would sing christmas chorals in exchange for a piece of roasted pig a green banana patea wraped in a banana leafe or a sweet piece of guava paste on a thick slice of white chesse. On christmas eve we wouldgo to midnite mass(also known as misa del gallo) we would walk to church carring a lit candle because mass would start and midnite and it was very dark, all we could see was the eyes of all the night creatures that would hide in the busches around us. We would try not to but sometimes we would fall asleep durring mass because it would last so long. On the way home papi and mami would have to carryus while the cocks would start crowing at the sun announcing the arrivale of christmas morrning. When we would wake up papi and mami would give us small sack bags filled with assorted nuts and papi would teach us how top open them so we could get to the yummy seed inside. Mami would prepare arroz con dulce(sweet rice) with lots of coconut and cinnamon sticks that we would suck on for a long time.A week after christmas eve we would celabrate the comming of a new year with maracas and firecrackers, with more dancing and songs. We would get excited because three wise men day was getting closer. i wrote a letter to the wise men on a special sheet of paper that papi would give me. Papi would also lend me his pen so it had to be perfect because I couldn't erase the ink. My sister delsa wasfive years old and asked me to write her letter to the wise men. She said äsk them to bring me a dolly like cousin jenny's"But thats what I want!!" I exclaimed. So, they could bring us both one and they would be sisters. Delsa said. i didn't want her to have the same doll as me so I wrote a different letter in pencil and from a notebook sheet of paper. When Delsa complained, I told her that itcouldn't look to perfect because the wise men knew she couldn't read nor write. On the eve of three wise men day, my sisters, my brother and me would pick freash grass from our yard to

leave for the camels. We would put the grass next to our shoes that would be arrainged with the tips pointed foward so the wise men could see them. We would also put the cans of water next to our shoes and theletters inside our shoes.My brother and other sisters were upset saying it wasn't fair that we wrote to the wise men and not them. Mami assured them that the wise men would leave them presents without a letter. i woke up whileit was still dark. two shadows were moving around the room carrying gifts. I closed my eyes real fast thinking that it was the wise men and that one of them stayed outside with...
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