La noia del temps.

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We decided to buy school material for the class of physical education, and this is what we bought with 5000€:
2 packages of 6 basketballs in each packet S5 model, the basketballs balls aresynthetic material, the two packages together cost 80 €. We decided to buy these packs of 6 basketballs because we believe that basketballs balls are essential in the class of physical education and how manymore basketball balls, better, and also are of very good material, the synthetic material, the synthetic material helps the ball to be more firmer, more consistent and better quality, another goodfeature is its good price.
2 packages of 5 soccer balls in each package, the model is AK16 , are of polyurethane material and the two packages together cost 70 €. This package we found the best, becausethey come 5 balls per pack, because they are of the best material possible, and its price is the best of everything.
1 treadmill ,the model is T29 , with 10 different programs, weighs 155kg, themaximum supported weight is 180kg and reaches a speed of 0-18kph. We have chosen this model because we think we have enough with 10 different programs, to help students to exercise more your speed,because the next model is very expensive, and because the speed at which functions is already more than enough.
1 exercise bike, the model is NR7, with a computer console, his weight is 57kg, and supportsa maximum of 135kg. We chose this exercise bike for students, to better exercise their legs after a workout, because it is quite similar to the following model, because it supports a lot of weightand because the price is affordable.
A package that includes 12 baseball gloves for the left hand, 2 for the right hand, 6 bats, 6 batting tees, and 18 balls, your price is 450 €. The package haseverything you need, and all is of good material, but we we were not willing to buy this pack for the price, but in the end we bought it because baseball is indispensable.
2 packs of hockey, including 2...
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