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Preparing future teachers for internet-aided
learning – Who, When, and How?

In this session (in Hebrew) three teacher educators at three different teacher colleges in Israel gave shortpresentations on their experience in teaching with ICT.

Each of the three described how she has worked not only with student teachers, but with other faculty members at her college to help their studentteachers integrate ICT into their work, and to feel both that they are capable of using these technologies and that they have an important role to play in teaching.

Nitsa Waldman opened her partof the session with some important background information. Since 2004 teachers colleges have been required to teach the basics of computer use as well as the ways ICT can be integrated into theteaching of specific disciplines. What’s more, future teachers are expected to be exposed to at least 120 hours of computer use, including numerous hours in “distance learning” courses.

This backgroundinformation gave perspective on the major question that the webinar attempted to deal with: Who is going to help the future teacher acquire the knowledge necessary to use ICT in the classroom in aworthwhile and educational why?

Waldman noted the various possibilities:

The pedagogic coach
The “computer” teacher
The teachers in each discipline
The school teacher by whom the studentteacher is acquiring experience
Or perhaps all of these together

Waldman presented a chart representing the Koheler/Mishra Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge model (


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