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A: I used to come here at night
B: you need a flashback
C: you need to call your support?
A: I don’t use drugs
B: Well, your eyes are red and speak with difficulty, so I assume
A: Well foryour information, I am not a drug addict loser, ok?
My eyes are red because I cried because my life is sad and spoke with difficulty because I am filling a hole with my tongue, that ja Jasi
Oh wecould sit down is beginning
B: Lindsay changed me
C: Why?
B: only changes
C: As you know I can hardly stand up?
B: If three kilos more than me so c'mon!
C: you know you're small.
B: letthe aisle to stretch the legs
A: I'm not small I am a 5 4 2 Okei.
OhIt is in water,what happen?
B: No, something happened Lindsay ?
C: oh I'm soaked
B: oh I too,I think we broke source
A:share water too?
B: I'll have to take the hospital
A: Me?
C: If you go into work
B: oh I think I have a contraction
C: I love these imagined that does not happen so fast
I have acontraction Auuu
A: au au au someone is stepping me
Scene 2 In the Hospital
B: a bit more, there is ok
A: here? Well
B: Single? that
I don’t know
A: They are so lucky to be in the hospital with tvfree, adjustable beds, people bringing you food
Oh, will roast for dinner
Man, I would be sick
Well good luck ladies,happies babies
B: what? Can’t leave us
A: sure ,I am sure I can
Theirhusbands will be here any minute
C: our husbands do not come
A: what? Why not?
C: they are playing golf ... in Cartagena
A: that left the city when they are 9 months
C: Well, really left us whenwe were seven months
A: Well my pants is wet with water from another, I'm not having a good day
B: go friend
A: friend?'m Not your friend
C: Christine as you say that?
B: really hurts ourfeelings
A: Feelings?You don’t have feelings
They are mean to me
Bother me and make gossip about me, spread rumors about me.
B: Yes, folks
Christine only work we are giving
What do I do...
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