Licenciatura en ingles educacion secundaria

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Name of the activity: Country and Nationality.
Objective: Students know countries and nationalities from the world.
Time assigned: 45 minutes.
Material: a big picture from the world and countries, marker, notebook and photocopy.
Procedure: first I pasted the big picture from the world and countries on the board and students raised their hands to came at the board and write thecorrect name of the country or nationality. If the student does not know the name of the country or nationality assigned, he/she could ask to a partner for help, if the partner was asked to help do not know the answer, both students will sit and another student came to the front to did it. If the student knew the answer he/she said in front of the group, and each student did the same on theirnotebook with their photocopy until they finished all.

Name of the activity: using adjectives.
Objective: students learned how to use adjectives
Time assigned: 45 minutes
Material: book, notebook, copies, board
Procedure: in this activity students learned the correct use of the adjectives when we talk about clothes, first I explained which are the most common adjectives that we can usein this unit like big, short, pretty, fashion, etc. After that students made pairs and read the exercises in the copies I gave them, then they discussed about which was the best option to answer the activity. I choose the pairs in order to obtain better results; it is to say to help each other, then when the students finished the exercises they change their copies with another pair and in groupwe checked the correct answers.

Name of the activity: professions.
Objective: students learned profession and the use of it.
Time assigned: 45 minutes.
Material: media room, computers.
Procedure: before starting the activity I went to the media room with the teacher in charge to put the work on each computer so that the students took over and did the work. Activity consisted ofdrawings of professionals with options to select the right, they had 30 minutes to perform the activity and at the end I was gonna review each student.

Name of the activity: My wardrobe.
Objective: students learned vocabulary of clothing.
Time assigned: 45 minutes.
Material: draws, notebook, board.
Procedure: I pasted on the board draws of clothes and wrote the name of each clothe,also I wrote how sounds in Spanish to be more clear at the moment to say. Students draw the same that were on the board and wrote the correct name and how it sound in Spanish, they have to stand up one by one and say what they were wearing that day and for homework they did sentences with what they learned from this class saying what they’re parents were wearing that day.

Name of theactivity: This and that
Objective: students know the use of this and that
Time assigned: 90 min
Material: notebook page 56, 57, 58, 59
Procedure: I asked students for their book and students bring it, they opened the book and looked for pages 56, 57, 58 and 59. I said the instructions and the way how students should said this and that, I gave them some examples about the pronunciation andstudents repeated after me. Then, students answered exercises from the pages that I mentioned before.

Name of the activity: bingo sound
Objective: identify sound of some words
Time assigned: 45 min.
Material: board, notebook
Procedure: in this activity I wrote ten to fifteen words for students to review. I read out the words, one by one and in different order. When I read a word thatstudent wrote, they crossed it out. When students had crossed out all their words, they told the teacher by shouting “bingo”. The first time this activity was used, students were confused, because they were not used to hearing the language and less to make an activity in which the teacher dictates words. Later, when the teacher explained to them that this activity was to be done, they were very...
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