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For When I Die...
In these precise moments, I am being guided by two guardians to an unknown place. They have taken me by my shoulders, one on my left and one on my right, without saying a word. Even though I don’t know where they are taking me I have some sort of an idea due to what a recently met friend named Jorge had told me.
So you can have some sort of an idea as to where I’m going,let me tell you what happened to me two days ago. First, I have to say that the person writing this is not me, it is actually someone who was sleeping in which I was able to penetrate their dreams to bring you these writings.
Two days ago, while I was in the passenger seat of an automobile, a young teenager intercepted us unexpectedly. The choferof my automobile was able to stop the car withoutrunning him over but the car behind us which was much bigger wasn’t able to stop on time. I felt a strong blow to the car and unfortunately the young man was hit this time. I felt a paralysis come over me, I couldn’t move. All I could hear was voices saying:
-¡They’re dead! ¡Oh my God, they’re dead!
-¡Call an ambulance!
-¡Stop the cars!
-Get him out. ¡Hurry, get him out. He’s going todie!
The voices would keep on echoing, and then I began to hear a siren which I couldn’t identify. I couldn’t tell if it was an ambulance or the police. Now the voices were moving farther and farther away and the last thing I heard was someone say:
-¡He’s alive!
I couldn’t hear anything anymore. I was completely unconcious.
Two days after the accident, which is today, I noticed that Ihad spent two days unconscious because of the calendar. I found myself in a hospital bed and incredibly I felt nothing. No pain, no fracture, nothing.
Due to the fact that I felt fine I decided to go back home. I took a bus in which I noticed much indifference with the rest of the passengers but I didn’t worry. I arrived to my house, walked in and looked for mother. I found her in her roomcrying inconsolably. I tried consoling her by telling her that I was perfectly fine and not to worry. It seems that even the thought of something happening to me caused her so much pain that she wasn’t able to stop crying.
Mom, I said…don’t cry so much, look at me, I’m here alive and safe. The accident made me reflect and plan the rest of my life until my death.
Listen. I added.
-Since I amunderage you can say that I am starting to live my life. I will use both the years as a junior and the years as an adult to prepare myself for life and what it will bring. I will study for the future but will also have time to have fun. I will have many romances, visit different places, go out with my friends, and live life to the fullest using all my energy throughout the years. With this I willgain experience for future years and will calm down that desire to do everything I want to do in life. When I am an adult and tired of the pleasures of life, I will get married. I will have two children with my spouse and another relationship outside of marriage to maintain a balance. I will start working seriously when I have my family to give my children a good education, everything they need andsave for retirement. After about twenty yrs, when my children get married, with my savings and the work pension I will retire and start preparing myself for when I die.
My mother could not stop crying, and that is when I stopped talking. She even acted like she couldn’t hear me. She had a picture of me in her hands and did not look me in the face. I thought the accident had left me some facialscar and maybe that is why she couldn’t stop crying.
-I went out to the living room, and in that same instant my father was arriving with a look of anguish on his face. I started telling him to console my mother and that I was ok and nothing had happened but he too was ignoring me. He walked by me and went straight to the room. I thought his actions were due to the fact that he felt as...
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