Love In The Lakes

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Love in the Lakes : Penny Hancock : Cambridge University Press

Chapter 1 The lakes
Robert has bad impression about the lake when he drove past here. Robert heard the crash and the scream as he came out of the woods and drove past the lake. Every day he hoped that he would get past the lake without it happening. But here it was again. He was calm again, he started driving, slowly, towards thepub. It was easier then cooking for himself after a long day at work. The pub food was good, local and organic. But the real reason Robert referred to eat at the pub was that it meant less time in his house, the house that was silent now. He was a vet and he was on call in every night, however, when it wasn’t really necessary. For example, the other day Mrs. Fellows had phoned Robert at midnightbecause her sat, harry, was sneeze. Local people thought of Robert as a kind man who always listened. These days he no longer spoke very much, but that didn’t matter. They called him ‘the silent animal doctor’. They wondered about his private life, but nobody asked.

Chapter 2 London
An ambulance driver told Laura that her neighbour ,Joseph Donaldson had a heart attack. They're taking him tohospital. Joseph says that Laura had offered to take care of the dog whose name is Kip, while he went into hospital. Laura promised that she would take care of Kip until he was going to be fine ,and he came home. When she needed to keep Kip,she felt confused about going to the Lake District with Nick who was her boyfriend.They used to promise that they would go alone ,but Laura needed to bring Kip withher together. Maybe Nick is unpleasant .

Chapter 3 The dog comes too
At 4 p.m.on Thursday at Laura’s flat in his sport car. Laura and Nick are dispute about taking dog to the lake. Laura explain how to taking Kip because her neighbor name’s Joseph went into hospital and she got to look after Kip. Nick against with many opinions. Finally, they decide to taking a dog on their holiday. Theydispute about where’re they going to put the dog. Next, Kip is on top of the luggage in the back of car. It was 4 hours later when they left London and were driving north. Suddenly Kip needs to get out because the back of car sport was full and Nick must park car. He looked annoyed. Laura think in mind that everything will be alright. An hour and a half later, Nick parked car outside a pub because he’svery hungry. Laura felt disappointed to cooking with herself for Nick. The pub was warm and welcoming. They sat in a corner near fire. Kip sat under the table. Laura ate chicken pies and salad but Nick ate pheasant. Laura looked at the bar, there is a tall man with untidy fair hair. He was interesting looking and intelligent face but he looked sad. Laura think about what Jo will say about him witha poet like Wordsworth. Nick said They aren’t friendly around here. Laura disputed that just a one person’s behavior Nick can’t make up mund about all Northerners. Next, they go to the house where their staying.

Chapter 4 Poison
Nick Hector Laura a un granero remoto. Para vivir de acuerdo a su país favorito. ¿Qué se espera que Laura que ella pensaba que sería un lugar mejor para ti mismo. Ambosmencionan Kip Perro, Laura tomó prestado de los vecinos, que perdió ambos ayudaron a encontrar y se encontró que estaba tomando para deshacerse de los ratones. Laura preocupado trató de hacer todo lo posible con el fin de ponerla en pacientes con Nick y Laura no le dolía su atención

Chapter 5 Emergency call-out

En el fallecido Robert. El veterinario incluso soñar con un evento ruidoso de unacolisión. Gritos Y la sangre está llena de agua. Soñaba con este evento cada noche durante los últimos dos años, se despertó y oyó la llamada de la central de emergencias. Que el perro fue envenenado Robert, así que date prisa y preparar la sala de operaciones. Él piensa que es el Por supuesto Islam está aquí para quedarse. No me gustan los hombres Debido a que uno lo había herido y lo hace. Yo...
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